Managing multiple Projects in shipit

Projects #

It is best to think of projects as independent containers for your roadmap, goals, ideas, and team. Imagine signing up for a new account at shipit in order to setup a new product roadmap, invite team members, and add new Jira integration.

All users and projects in shipit share a single subscription. This means that if you have a colleague Alice working on Project #1, you can also invite her to Project #2. She doesn’t need to do anything on her behalf, and the project she has just been invited to will appear in the menu. The shared subscription however also means that if you pay for 2 independent accounts (e.g. different companies that you manage), you cannot invite a user from one account into the other, they would need to create a new email account connected to the second company you manage.

Re-using integrations #

Integrations that require username and password (e.g. Jira, Confluence) can be easily re-used on different projects. However using the same Google, Pipedrive, or Intercom account on different projects might be more problematic due to some of the limitations in the core of shipit. For now the best way to solve this is to use different account to setup an integration.