Introduction to the shipit product management platform

Introduction #

Shipit is a platform for product management and offers the following key features:

  • Product roadmaps
  • Product requirements documents
  • Prioritisation and team feedback
  • Customer feedback collection
  • Quarterly OKR tracking
  • Integrations with other products and tools, e.g. GDrive, Atlassian Jira and Confluence, CRM systems

With these functionalities shipit aims at covering some of the common activities product managers do day to day in one place:

  • Planning the product roadmap. A particular focus is put on compatibility with a quarterly OKR process.
  • Prioritising initatives on the roadmap based on team and stakeholder input, as well as customer feedback
  • Coordinating the development of the roadmap initiatives in other tools and teams. Emphasis is put on compatibility with Agile process (Scrum) and common ticketing systems such as Jira.

Design choices and conventions #

  • shipit favors a quarterly planning process. Hence, product roadmaps are organised in calendar quarters. This choice was made because it is by far the most common (company-wide) planning rhythm, it works well with OKRs, and is generally a proven rythm for medium to long-term planning.
  • shipit assumes agile development. It works best for Scrum with Sprints of 1 or more weeks. But it works also for just any weekly development cadence.
  • Roadmap items link to requirements (PRDs) which are stored in your companies shared document collaboration space, at the moment supporting GDrive (Google Docs) and Atlassian Confluence. PRDs come with template structures which are simple to fill in.

Relevant blog posts #

Here’s a list of relevant blogposts to understand shipit’s concepts: