Configuring Email notifications in shipit

Email notifications #

We try not to overload your inbox and keep the number of emails to minimum. You can opt out of most of the emails either by navigating to your profile (click the avatar in the bottom left corner and then profile link), or by clicking the unsubscribe link in each email.

The only email you cannot unsubscribe from is the password reminder email.

Weekly digest #

Weekly digest is an email sent on Friday. It contains your project activity:

  • Updated goals and key results, including overall progress
  • Any changes to your roadmap
  • New and modified ideas

For key results we include the ones that have been created, updated, or deleted. Sometimes you might see zero progress on the key result (0% → 0%) which happens when the description of the KR has been updated but not its progress.

Goal notifications #

You will receive notifications of all the changes to the goals you authored. This includes updates to the title, description, created, updated, and deleted key results.

Idea notifications #

We send you updates to the ideas you “follow”. If you have created an idea, liked it, or commented, you will start receiving notifications whenever someone updates it, likes it, or also writes a comment.

Infrequent team emails #

Occasionally we send out announcements or quarterly overview of the changes that we’ve implemented on the platform.