Product Requirements Documents (PRDs) in Confluence with shipit

Confluence integration #

By activating the Atlassian Confluence integration, you can automatically create a PRD document in Confluence for each roadmap item.

The Confluence integration currently works for only for Confluence Cloud, not server.

Each automatically created PRD is stored under a parent page and space that you can configure.

There are three templates you can choose from: full, short, and empty.

The title of the automatically created PRD documents start all with PRD: <item-title>. This makes it really easy to quickly search for a PRD in Confluence simply by typing PRD: and a few additional keywords.

In order to create a PRD page in Confluence automatically for a created item, the respective flag in the add item dialogue must be turned on. (The flag in the add item dialogue is only usable when the Confluence integration is activated.)

Automatically create a PRD

Setting up the confluence integration #

The following steps are needed to set up Confluence integration:

  1. Login to your Atlassian account and generate an API token:
  2. Enter your Confluence URL (e.g., username (your Confluence username - often your email address), API token (from the previous step), Confluence space ID, and optional numeric parent page ID (if you want PRDs generated under specific page)
  3. You can take the confluence URL, the space ID, and the parent page id from the url. For example, the Page “PRDs” in the space “Crystal Gems” would look like:

In this example the parameters would be as follows: confluence URL: Space ID: CG Parent page id (optional): 458753

Settings - Integrations - Confluence

Common problems #

Pages in Confluence must have unique names. We use your roadmap item’s name in place of the page’s title, this means that if you try to create two items with the same name (e.g. similar initiatives in different products), the request would fail.