shipit product management and roadmaps for teams

Teams #

Most great product are built by teams of people and not individuals. Shipit supports working with teams and various roles, and offers special features such as team voting on roadmap items for prioritisation.

Team support is part of the startup and teams pricing plans.

Team users and permissions #

You can invite and manage team members in the Settings → Teams.

There are three roles a user can have:

  • Admins: can edit and view roadmaps, and configure settings including team members.
  • Editors: can edit and view roadmaps, but cannot administrate settings. Without the voting checkbox enabled, editors cannot vote nor access prioritization functionality
  • Viewers: can view the roadmap, but not edit or add items, or administrate settings.

Viewers can given voting rights to vote on roadmap items. Admins and editors have voting rights by default.