Product Requirements Documents (PRDs) in shipit

Product Requirements Documents (PRDs) #

Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) are intended to summarize the key aspects of a product initiative. An initiative covers typically many features and spans a longer timeframe like a few months.

A PRD addresses the “what and why” of a product initative - and not the “how”. (The how will be addressed by design concepts, engineering tickets, ux and technical prototypes, etc.)

Aspects covered by a PRD can include:

  • Customer needs (qualitative and quantitative )
  • Market
  • Business model and pricing
  • Functional requirements
  • Non-functional requirements (performance etc.)
  • UX and Design notes
  • Product Marketing aspects
  • Key metrics
  • Launch plan
  • Marketing and PR

PRDs in shipit #

Shipit’s roadmap functionality allows for linking each roadmap initiative to a PRD document.

While you can add a link manually, it’s much more convenient to have the documents created automatically using our Google Drive and Atlassian Confluence integrations. All the PRDs will then be placed in one folder on drive, or in one space under a parent page.

Each such automatically created PRD is pre-filled with a template structure, which helps making sure no aspect of a roadmap initiative is forgotten. shipit offers three different templates:

  • full: a detailed PRD template
  • simple: a simplified, shorter version
  • empty: an empty document with just the title

The template that is used can be set under the integration section in Settings of shipit.

Note that title and description are automatically filled in the PRD from the roadmap item’s corresponding values when the document is created automatically.

PRD link on each raodmap item