Status view #

Status view is a simple kanban board where you can specify the progress of your roadmap items. While gantt view has approximate timeline when your team members can see when each item gets released, a defined status gives a better look at what has already been built.

There are 3 statuses to choose from: planned, in progress, and finished, each with a specific color that can be changed in the project settings:

Status settings

A new item has the default planned status. You can updated it either by clicking the item and opening the edit modal, or by dragging the item card in the status view between the 3 columns.

You can quickly see item status on both the Card and the Gantt views as a colored circle. Hovering over the circle gives you a hint with the status name:

Item status card

To see the item status on the Gantt view simply hover over the item bar to see the popover with description:

Gantt item status

It is possible to filter items on any view using the combination of statuses and tags:

Filtering items by status and tags