Customer feedback

A key aspect of product management is collecting customer feedback on the product. This includes feature requests, product shortcomings, etc.

shipit supports collecting customer feedback in a structured and quantitative way. At the moment this support comes in the form of intgerations with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. These are most often used in a B2B context, so the customer feedback aspects of shipit are currently ideal for companies working in a B2B setting. (We are planning to expand our support to B2C scenarios.)

Customer feedback from CRM systems

Our general approach is described in this blogpost. Currently shipit supports integrations with Pipedrive and Copper CRMs.

The principle is to store customer feedback such as feature requests in custom fields (e.g. Pipedrive) or tags (e.g Copper), and then pull these data into shipit to gather statistics and use them as input for prioritisation of roadmap efforts.

To connect Pipedrive, read this guide.

To connect Copper, read this guide.

The result are stats like these:

Setting up Pipedrive